Online Nutrition Client:
"Hi all! I first met Stacy through a mutual friend when I was living in San Diego. I had just  had a serious battle perimenopause symptoms and let me tell ya……It sucked. I decided to get things under control by consulting a phenomenal Dr. specializing in balancing the body with diet, exercise and natural supplements. When I met Stacy I was just beginning this venture and was amazed at her knowledge of the body and how to maintain optimal health. She had the same philosophy……..heal and treat the body
with good food…..vitamins……positive attitude and exercise. So many Doctors want to hand you a pill when you get to the “change of life age” and tell you…..”just deal…..there’s nothing we can do. I was even handed a 30day supply of SSRI’s(depression meds)no test….no blood…….just take these and come back in 30 days tell me how ya feel! Stacy’s lifestyle is the epitome of how to stay healthy at any age, and she is passionate about it and wants to help others achieve that same level of health!
Thank God I have an anatomy physiology degree with about a year of Pharmacology under my belt. These meds are handed out like tic tacs and can be do more harm than good.
I started eating better with Stacys help and recipes…..her weight training coaching and could ask her anything about everything! She checked up on me to make sure all was well and always offered support and motivation and fun recipies that are easy to prepare……. because we’re all busy….busy!!
My only regret is not being closer to her studio. I would be there everyday for her coaching……..but mostly, for her friendship! Talented, wonderful little fitness cookie that she is! Thank you girl for all your help and support…….I’m getting to the next level slow and steady!
Thanks!! And I miss ya!"

-Kelli Pollard
Schaumburg, Illinois


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"I have been attending this location since 2013 and joined first as a single person with 30 minute sessions. Then later had the session where it was 2 people during the 1 hour session; and later returned to individual 30 minute sessions. When I first attended I basically had no tone since I was at a desk job allllll day; in addition I had a nearly one hour commute each way from home to work and vice versa. And about 2 years later, I had some shoulder problems and went through physical therapy; after I received the "ok" from my physical therapist that I could start Personal Training, I went back to Miss Stacy.

Miss Stacy has helped me gain tone and confidence, and worked with my hectic schedule. This I like about Miss Stacy are: 
1) first-time assessment is practically a free session as she gauges where I am and my goals, etc 
2) I appreciate her patience yet ability to push me to a potential I didn't know I had, and 
3) being modern and being able to text to confirm some of my appointments... I sometimes was in a situation where I couldn't talk on the phone, and texting really helped out with appointment confirmations.  
4) I didn't have access to a kitchen to cook my own foods, so she also provides some tips that'll help for my nutrition. This nutritionist side of her is quite helpful.

I recommend her. 

If you are insecure about starting up a fitness routine, don't be. Her studio permits one-on-one attention so you won't feel like you're in a room with people already in shape and feel frustrated. It is a safe place to become a better version of you!"

~True L.

Oceanside, CA

"Stacy is one of the most driven and professional trainers I have ever

met. She takes her job very seriously and makes sure you are 

challenged. Even when I was recovering from surgery, not only did she

make the time to adjust my workouts during this time, but she continued

to encourage me to continue challenging myself. I would highly

recommend Stacy."

Norma A. 

In Studio Personal Training Carlsbad, California


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"Stacy is an excellent motivator for overall fitness. If you want to get results much more effectively than trying to do it on your own at the gym, I would highly recommend working with Stacy!"

-Terri Wyatt  

Candidate for District Attorney at San Diego District Attorney 2014

In Studio Personal Training San Diego, California


"3 yrs. ago, I noticed that a co-worker lost quite a bit of weight & looked healthier & fit. I asked what she was doing differently, & she excitedly shared information about her trainer named Stacy Michaels @ Stacy's Fitness. She raved about how each session is tailored to suit the needs of her clients. I waited a yr. before going in for a free consultation & evaluation. Stacy has been my trainer for 2 yrs. now. Her training, experience, knowledge of health, fitness, nutrition, & good work ethic is to be commended. I am physically stronger & fit. I am able to lift weights & do exercises I never imagined I ever could. My challenge is following her recommendations of a healthier diet. Stacy's Ftiness offers excellent service for those who wish good health."   
-Linda B.                                                                            
In Studio Personal Training & Nutrition Vista, California

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"I began a personal training program with Stacy in 1999 wanting a better balance between my upper and lower body strength for 

skiing. I have seen year round improvements and will continue to

train with her." 

~Douglas Gregg


In Studio Personal Training Encinitas, California

"Stacy knows her stuff and knows how to push you in the right way to get to the next level in fitness. IShe always mixes the workouts up and is great at motivating you to do more. I'm a hard case, I hate exercise! I hate weight lifting but Stacy makes it fun!" 

-Amy T. 

Owner/Acupuncturist at Inner Spark : Acupuncture and Wellness  and Acupuncturist at Bergamot Spa and Boutique

motivational fitness, catered workouts, fun fitness, accountability fitness


“ My wife and I have been training together at Stacy’s Fitness for about two years. While we’ve both been active with biking, hiking and golf, it was clear pretty quickly that being active and being fit  are two different things. The training hour is a complete body workout from warm-up, legs, upper body, stomach, back, stretch and cool down. Stacy keeps us both on separate exercises at the same time and still observes closely and makes corrections in form. Stacy can be tough, but the result for me is much better muscle strength, good weight maintenance, with more energy through the day.”
-Steve and Sue R.


"Stacy is the best trainer I have ever worked with. She knows just when to push you to your limits which I would never be able to do on my own. Time flies at her gym!"
-Jennifer F. 
Technical Sales Manager
Personal Training & Nutrition San Diego, California

san diego personal trainer, nutrition fitness, fitness mentor, core strength

"Stacy has created amazing, thought-out routines which are fresh and

targeted for me. This keeps me motivated and prevents burn-out or 

boredom and my body continues to react positively week-after-week. Stacy is very knowledgeable and really knows how to work out my entire body. She helps motivate me to work hard and learn proper form and new ways of thinking about fitness. Bottom line:  I really look forward to my workouts with Stacy!"

~Daniel DiPinto

  Owner of DiPinto Design

  In Studio Personal Training Oceanside California




Online Personal Training Client: 
"Stacy is Amazing! I love her videos on YouTube. I can do them in my PJs so there is no excuse not to do them. She explains each movement so you can do them correctly. She will kick your butt and get you into shape for the beach!"
- Tina R.   
RealtorEscondido, California


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"Stacy is awesome, she is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the body and mind.  She will find your weaknesses and help you strengthen them.  I've been going to her place once a week for the last six weeks and see and feel a tremendous change.  Thanks Stacy, I'll refer you to all my friends and family..."
-Tina L.
In Studio Personal Training Vista, California


"Started with stacy in 2007 and have been there ever since , went from being out of shape, over weight, health issues ,and gong back into law enforcement after a long break.  I lost over 30lbs and got back into great shape able to not only pass the physical test but beat all the guys 20 yrs younger then myself ,and still to this day still out perform the younger guys , dont let the girl fool you she can kick your ass all day long ,and if your a wimp you wont last ,"
-Mark C.
In Studio Personal Training & Nutrition Vista, California

"Stacy is a great trainer, she trained me for my wedding.  She motivates you and goes the extra mile to make you look great and feel better about your self. Keep up the good work Stacy"
-Parisa T.
  Dental Hygienist
In Studio Personal Training Oceanside, California

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"Stacy helped me get in shape with personal, one-on-one training.  As a man, I was skeptical Stacy would be able to push me to perform.  Wow - was I wrong.  Stacy helped me get in shape - shape that I had not seen since leaving the Marines.  If I had not moved out of the area...I'd still be going to her!"
-Dave B.
  S.D. Deputy Sheriff
In Studio Personal Training Escondido, California


"I came to Stacy's Fitness through the recommendation of several colleagues and friends who not only were looking and feeling good but even better & happier attitudes & outlooks to match the results they got from her guidance. Hey, if I could pay someone to lose my buldge I would. I was the fat kid ever since I could remember. Me and working out didn't get along until I had to have weight loss surgery or face fatal consequences of morbid obesity. I lost most of it but these last pounds would only be good and gone through working out which I knew nothing about. I decided to give Stacy a shot not knowing she'd teach me that if I did that for myself I could reach my goals. Stacy truly cares for and about her clients. She always goes the extra mile for her clients cause she's just that AMAZING!
Some trainers are all about lip service and getting paid & gyms won't hold you accountable or necessarily make you work out. Stacy is invested in your success & GIFTED IN GIVING YOU THE TOOLS TO GIVE YOUR DREAMS THEIR BEST SHOT!  SHE SHOWS YOUR BODY ALL THE AMAZING THINGS IT CAN DO TO GET TO WHERE YOU WANT IT TO BE."
-Kimberly D.
  Senior Operations Manager/
  Advancement Manager
In Studio Personal Training & Nutrition Vista, California

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"Recently I suffered a knee injury requiring surgery and extensive rehabilitation. Without Stacy as my trainer I don't believe I would have been able to resume my life style of off road motorcycle riding and motocross racing. Riding a high performance off road motorcycle is an extremely physically demanding extreme sport. A fast rider requires a great deal of core strength, stamina, balance and keen eye hand coordination. Stacy's training is the instrumental element in my rehabilitation as well as overall fitness."
-Robert Gibson 
  S.D. Deputy Sheriff 
In Studio Personal Training Poway, California

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wedding weight loss program, bride fitness, bridal weight loss, strength training, strength fitness

Before               After


"Stacy is amazing. She helped me lose 11 inches and two pant sizes for my wedding in just months. She is currently helping me maintain my new body and tone even more. Stacy not only is a trainer, but a friend who is there to guide you every step of the way. For years I worked out in a gym and never made this sort of progress. Stacy gives you tips and tools so when you go to the gym you are ready and know exactly what you need to do! Thank you Stacy for everything! My husband thanks you too."
-Michelle C.
  Associate Director, Student Services
In Studio Personal Training & Nutrition Oceanside, California


"My sessions with Stacy have helped me realize how strong I can be. She customized my workouts so I can do them at home, too, and pushed me farther than I would've ever pushed myself. Her encouragement makes me do things and lift weights that I never thought would be possible. I look forward to the information she gives me on the exercises and she always makes the workouts new and creative…I might get sore, but I'm never bored!"
-Wendy Romagnoli 
  Management Analyst
In Studio Personal Training Vista, California  

“I hate going to the gym. Waiting for machines, people watching, and just general distractions prevented me from working to attain the body image I desired. Stacy Michaels and her focused approach to fitness and dedication to my goals saved me from the arduous task of going to the gym. After 9 months I look better, feel better and have a much improved self image. Even better, I’ve gained a great friend out of the process."
- Brandon A. Smith 
   Principal, BASmith Designs
In Studio Personal Training & Nutrition San Diego, California

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"Stacy's Fitness has really helped me to make significant changes in my body. I've lost fat, gained muscle tone and increased energy. I've gone from struggling to do 20 minutes on the treadmill to now finishing an hour with ease."
-Jenni Guerrero
  Business Owner
In Studio Personal Training Vista, California


"Being a professional dancer and studio owner I have to be careful when choosing the best workout solutions for my body. Stacy's Fitness ROCKS! They have a program for all fitness levels and ages, I even send my dance students to Stacy for extra strength and flexibility exercises. The private atmosphere is wonderful, a beautiful facility with professional staff."
-Christine Brooks 
  Owner of "The Dance Spot"

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"I was introduced to Stacy's Fitness through my weight management meeting. I was having a hard time going up and down stairs since I had knee surgery about 5 years ago. I've been going once a week on my days off, for the last 5 months. I have seen a 40% improvement since I started working out with Stacy's knowledgeable direction. It's true you need to exercise when you need to lose weight."
- Douglas G. 
  Service Writer, Emission Technician
In Studio Personal Training & Nutrition Escondido, California 

"Working with Stacy pushed me past my comfort zone to help me become stronger 
and healthier. She keeps the workouts tailored to your specific needs and keeps us accountable on a weekly basis."
- Christina Kay
In Studio Personal Training & Nutrition Bonsall, California 


In Studio & Online Personal Training & Online Nutrition:

"I trained with Stacy for 4 years and just in 4 months, I had lost a significant amount of weight. She is wonderful at motivating a person to reach their physical fitness goal. I now live in Atlanta , Ga , and I still call her for advice on my fitness. I work out about 3 times a week, and this is largely due to Stacy's influence on my need to stay healthy. For this I will always be thankful."
-Bridget Mulligan 
  Kindergarten teacher
Atlanta, Georgia 

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"My job requires me to stay in shape. Working out at Stacy's Fitness keeps me strong, fit and in great physical condition. My health is important."
-Debra Haverkost
  S.D. Deputy Sheriff
In Studio Personal Training Vista, California

strength training, strength fitness, sports fitness, weight loss program, flexibility fitness, core fitness, functional fitness


Biggest Loser Contest Winner 
Sandra Knowles 
January 16, 2006 - April 20, 2006 
Lost a total of: 20 lbs, 4.6% Bodyfat, 10.25 inches
"When I retired in 1999 I continued with Stacy because her energy keeps me coming back. I tried the larger gyms but found that their size and lack of privacy made me uncomfortable, where Stacy's Fitness offers that one on one private training. Stacy rolls a lot into her time with you, assists in diet, and recommends at home stretches. She strengthens the muscle groups I don't use which support the ones I do - thus lower back pain is no longer chronic. When I tore my meniscus her exercises were exactly what the physical therapist recommended. I do my own housekeeping, gardening and ride my horse everyday. At age 70 I feel great! Thank you Stacy."
-Sandra Knowles 
In Studio Personal Training & Nutrition Olivenhain, California

Before               After

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senior fitness, senior exercise programs, weight loss, strength training, rehabilitation, muscle tone, muscle gains
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