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Stacy Michaels Stacy's Fitness Personal Trainer and Nutrition in Vista California and Online.


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Group Classes Now Available

Holiday Drills
Nov 14 - Dec 14

 Tuesday, Friday at 5:30pm
1 hour class $20 per class


FaceTime or Zoom 1 hr workout

Contact for more info

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Only $50

Body Transformation Specialist

Are you .................................

  • - Busy Mom "On the Go" with little time for a weight loss or workout program

  • - Career Person trying to juggle work, meal planning & exercise

  • - Over 35 Frustrated with Weight Gain

  • - Needing Supportive Holistic Healing Post or Pre Surgery

  • - Health Issues keeping you from really living

  • - Injuries that need Rehab

Lose up to 10 lbs or more in just 28 days!!!!!

This could be you! 

Online 28 Day Weight Loss Meal Plans Program

Hello everyone my name is Bridget and I did the "28 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan" with Stacy’s Fitness. It was fabulous! I had always been able to keep my weight under control until I hit my 50's or better known as menopause, yuck, nothing worked. I would workout 6 days a week for over an hour each day and still nothing happened, in fact, I would wake up bloated. Stacy Michaels informed me that I probably had some food allergies, and having a thyroid issue didn’t help. She asked me questions and then developed a meal plan that was to meet my particular needs, it was fantastic! I didn’t have to workout like a race horse! The food was yummy and you eat 5 times a day! While you should exercise, you don’t have to go nuts. You just have to know what foods to eat and when. I am really grateful! It changed my outlook on everything. I lost 9.5 pounds. I lost inches everywhere. I am looking forward to losing 20 more pounds. Thank you Stacy, I am most grateful. You’re crazy if you don’t try this program. It is just a deal for $199,  its cheaper than anything out there, and you eat everyday food that you get at Sprouts or any supermarket. Go for it!


~Bridget M.

Lost: 9.5 lbs & 12 inches

Tina York.JPG

FaceTime/Skype Client Remote Training -

I'm an engineer and have several clients and several staff. My work week is crazy and stressful. I look forward to my weekly time with Stacy to blow off that steam! I ALWAYS feel more grounded and relaxed after her workouts. I was very concerned about giving up my time when we all went into quarantine, but we were able to overcome! I still get my weekly workout with Stacy via FaceTime! The workouts are just as tough and fulfilling as when we were together! Now throw in those daily challenges she offers and I won't be going back to the office with the "quarantine 15" and my mental health will be in tack! Thanks Stacy!!

~Tina Y.

Staying In Shape

from Home

Tami Phillips-Winner-Pics2.png

28 Days Drills Challenge Winner -

I had been struggling with my weight when Stacy promoted her 28 Days Drills Challenge Program which offered a video of our daily exercise. Even with being in a different state it was just what I needed to get motivated and something I looked forward too. Stacy is very approachable and was at hand whenever I had trouble with a certain exercise. I highly recommend her programs and would definitely do it again!! 

~Tami P.

Lost: 7 lbs 


In Studio Personal Training-

I've been training with Stacy for the past 2.5 years and it has changed my life. She has a vast knowledge in her profession and has educated me in both fitness and nutrition. Stacy is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every training session challenging. I have become stronger both physically and mentally; training with her has given me confidence I never knew I had. I love her no excuses approach and that she always pushes me to always do better. I highly recommend her training and nutrition programs to everyone!

~Kathy P.

Body Fat Loss

Gained Muscle

Andi After.png

In Studio 42 Day Fat Loss Accelerator-

I am so happy I found Stacy!!!! I just finished a six week personal training and meal planning routine. I won't use the word "diet" because the meals she gave me were delicious. In the initial meeting with Stacy we went over my eating habits, likes and dislikes and then she formulated a meal plan to help me attain my goal, while eating delicious, easy to prepare meals. Not only have I lost weight and inches, my "hot flashes" have decreased and my energy level has increased. As an added bonus my husband has adopted the healthy meal plan and has stopped taking antacids before bed!!! I would recommend Stacy to anyone who is looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle, lose some weight and reach their goals!!!!!

~Andi A.

Lost: 10 lbs

Online 28 Day Weight Loss Meal Plans Program -

Hi my Name is Abby, I did the 28 Day Weight Loss Program with Stacy's Fitness. For YEARS I've been telling myself if I could just lose 10 pounds, if I had a dime for every time I said that, I would be rich. I was introduced to Stacy about 6 months ago when I began working out at her studio, it wasn't easy being in my mid 50's but I got stronger by the day, and can now do things I was never able to do before. Then the "28 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan" was offered and I thought what the hell.  She discussed my personal situation at length and designed a meal plan for me.  WOW I just want to say I was never hungry, I had energy and felt great, and yes in my first week lost 5 pounds! I have to say I cheated every now and then but she helped me balance that out and stay on track. It has changed my habits and enlightened me to go for another 10 lb loss and work my way off my high blood pressure medicine by the spring.  I just want to say you too can do it and you will never be hungry again!


Love ya, Stacy


~Abby G.

Lost: 10.4 lbs & 13 inches

Online 28 Day Weight Loss Meal Plans Program

My name is Kathryn. I did the 28 day weight loss meal plans program with Stacy’s Fitness. I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Stacy off and on for over 15 years.  She has been my personal trainer and helped me win a fitness challenge years ago. She has enthusiasm with the right combination of motivation, compassion, knowledge and personality!  I have tried to stay fairly active but have put on weight and haven’t been watching my nutrition as I should.  When Stacy told me she was launching her Online 28 Day Weight Loss Program, it was the right time for me to give it a go.  Stacy spent a lot of time talking with me about my lifestyle. She put together a meal plan for each week including what I might like, what I could substitute and I got to eat 5 times a day.! I feel rejuvenated and I have much more energy.  Looking better is a bonus! I encourage you to do something good for yourself.  You will be amazed with the results!

~Kae E.

Lost:  6 lbs &

6.5 inches

Online 28 Day Weight Loss Meal Plans Progam

Hello everyone! I’m Chris Robinson and I did the 28 day Online Weight Loss Meal Plans Challenge and lost 15 pounds…Stacy is incredible, personable, and highly intelligent. Her program works, works, works! It would be difficult in such a small space to say how awesome her simple effective methods are but here it goes: Follow her program and you will get to your goals! Although I did the 28 day program-don’t be fooled these simple principles will carry through to a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. I’m so grateful for this program and plan on continuing with these principles-well, forever! Do the program and be amazed! 

~Chris R.

Lost :  15 lbs

~ Marysia B.

In Studio Programs

~ Sarah F.

In Studio Programs

~Sandra K. 

In Studio Programs

Online Programs

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Great with woman getting older and having trouble losing the weight. Frustrated with Western medicine brushing them off with ‘you’re getting older’ instead of giving them tools to help in the changes their bodies are making”

                        ~Michelle C. 


Focuses on overall health, no quick fixes that don’t last. Teaches you how to make adjustments in a natural healthy way.  Great for those stuck in a rut for so long and are fed up with feeling bad about themselves”

                        ~Aileen R. 


Great at tailoring the workouts and nutrition plan with the individuals needs and levels. Flexible, attentive and thorough!”

                        ~ Jennifer M. 

Flexible and dedicated, flexible in that adjustments are always made to fit the needs of the client and dedicated to achieving success if matched by the clients own dedication”

                        ~Christine R.


“Great with older women who have a significant amount of weight to lose. Understands our bodies, strengths, and limitations. Creative, patient and understanding”

                        ~ Lydia M.


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Gluten Free Vodka

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