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I've successfully helped thousands of busy women over 35 lose weight, gain strength, and get their confidence back without massive lifestyle changes. 

  • Workouts designed to fit your body and busy schedule.

  • Nutrition customized to fit your lifestlye. 

  • Programs with effective success

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Stacy Michaels

I have been the owner of Stacy's Fitness since 2005, helping thousands of clients improve their health, get their confidence and self worth back, develop a better healthier relationship with food, and I create customized successful workout programs to achieve the best version of themselves. 

My first form of exercise came at the age of 3 when my Mom enrolled me in my first dance class. I went on to receive my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theater (actor/dancer/singer). I enjoyed much success performing with regional theatre companies throughout Southern California and professional dance troupes like the San Diego Firestarters. To keep in shape for dancing, I joined my local gym where I soon found my other passion in life: health and fitness. Dancing taught me the importance of having good form, strong muscles, and a healthy body.  Along with knowing that consistency was the key to achieving your goals. 

Through the years I've passed this passion on to my clients teaching them the tools needed to feel better about themselves and to have that youthful life. 

Certified Personal Training Programs

Bridget M., GA

"I had always been able to keep my weight under control until I hit my 50's or better known as menopause, yuck, nothing worked. I would workout 6 days a week for over an hour each day and still .....

Success Stories

Weight Loss Trainer San Diego

Abby G., CA 

"I was introduced to Stacy and I began working out at her studio, it wasn't easy being in my mid 50's but I got stronger by the day, and can now do things I was never able to do before. She discussed my personal ....
Personal Training Programs North County San Diego

Kae E., CA

"Stacy has enthusiasm with the right combination of motivation, compassion, knowledge and personality!  I have tried to stay fairly active but have put on weight and haven’t been watching my.......
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