is the owner of Stacy's Fitness and has been a working certified personal trainer for over 15 years, with certifications from ACE, IFPA, FiTour, etc. Receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theater (dancer/actor/singer), Stacy has been dancing for over 25 years starting at the age 3. She has enjoyed much success performing with regional theatre companies throughout Southern California and professional dance troupes like the San Diego Firestarters. To keep in shape for dancing, Stacy joined her local gym where she soon found her other passion in life: health and fitness. After receiving her first certification Stacy trained in local gyms in northern San Diego learning from some of the top professional trainers in the areas of strength training, senior fitness, body building, weight loss, etc. She then traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah where she worked with a specialized personal training company, Tim'z Fitness. Here she developed experience in sports specific training, core enhancement, functional movement and rehabilitation. Upon returning to San Diego, one year later started her own private training out of her home, which continued for 6 years until finally expanding and opening Stacy's Fitness. The "Testimonials" page is a reflection of the type of clientele Stacy has helped throughout the years.

In October 2011 Stacy placed 2nd place in Miss Bikini America & 2nd place in Miss Model America. In 2004 competed in the National Miss Model America placing in the top 10 out of 50 girls. In 2002, she entered her first regional Miss Bikini Competition taking 3rd place and qualifying her for the National Level to which see placed 12 out 56 girls at the National Level.


Professional Model/Spokesperson:

Stacy has also been a professional fitness/bikini model for over 15 years working in the commercial, print, promotional and spokesperson arena. For companies like:



  • Shake Weight Infomercial (6)

  • MX Select Ad 

  • AbDominator Infomercial

  • Mueller College Personal Trainer Fitness Program Commercial

  • Shake Weight Upper Body Rolling Duo DVD

  • Shake Weight Upper body Workout DVD

  • Shake Weight High Energy Dance DVD

  • Saxon Squat Fitness Equipment

  • Helix Lateral Cardio Equipment

  • Vernon Entertainment Character Girl (Candy Girl, Swedish Beer Girl, Alice in Wonderland, etc.)

  • T Core 4 Women Infomercial

  • Slique Infomercial

  • Bionx Supplements

  • Xterra Cardio Print Ads

  • PureFit Nutritional Bar

  • Hoist Fitness Equipment

  • Winsor Pilates Infomercial

  • South Coast Promotions

  • Beach Lingo swimwear 

  • Puka Shells Swimwear

  • Kwicherbichen Bikini Team

  • Mudd Flap Girl

  • Budweiser Girl & Jagermeister Girl etc.

  • For more pictures and resume, go to 

If you are interested in hiring her for this type of work email

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