Transform Your Body Now !


Give me 28 Days to teach you the habits to change your life

The 28 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan Program Includes:

A list of Foods to Eat & Foods to Avoid based on your Blood Type
4 Weekly Meal Plans Customized to your personal needs and lifestyle. Includes, the foods and portions for every meal of the day, for every day of the week. Foods you Enjoy!
Get Easy, Delicious, Healthy Recipes that will help keep you in the FAT BURNING MODE & easy for Meal Prepping
Supplementation Guidance if needed
Weekly Check Ins.  Each week you will 'check in' with me with your body weight, assigned measurements and progress pictures. We will communicate to see how your eating changes are affecting your body and then tweaks will be made to your meal plan to get you better results and keep your body burning fat. 

This Plan will REV UP YOUR METABOLISM, put it in FAT BURNING MODE and get you started with great new eating & exercise habits to help you keep the weight off

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Stacy's Holiday Drills


Nov 14 - Dec 14

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1 New Exercise Challenge a Day for 30 Days

Exercises that can be done ANYWHERE! Home, Office, Hotel, Gym, Park, Etc

Daily Instructional Videos of each Exercise for All Levels

Get Nutrition Tips,  Healthy Easy Recipes & Holistic Supplementation Guidance

This Program will TEACH YOU 30 NEW EXERCISES, exercises you can  DO ANYWHERE  and get you started with great new exercise habits to help you stay in shape and keep you moving