Not all Vodka's are Gluten Free

I became a Fitness Specialist many, many, years ago and part of my career and lifestyle I began changing my eating habits to a more clean, healthy eating.

As my eating regiment became more clean and organic, I found my body became more sensitive to certain foods and drinks.

One of the things I applied to my clean eating was to go gluten free. For me, a gluten free diet worked great for my digestive system, I was less bloated, the weight stayed off easier and I just really felt so much better.

As a Fitness Model and Bikini Competitor, one of the main things we do to lean down is to eliminate alcohol all together at least 1 month before a photo shoot, video shoot or competition.

After one of these main events happened I would reward myself, from all the discipline and hard work I had put in, by a mini celebration with my friends. Of course, after not having a sip of alcohol in over a month, one drink would be a fun time! LOL

My drink of choice is often a Vodka/Soda, because of the low calorie content. But, I was finding, after only having maybe 2 drinks, the next day I felt horrible, bloated, like I had 8 drinks that night before. But what was weird to me was that I had similar reaction as I did when I would eat anything gluten.

So I started to do my research……………

What I found was that most Vodka’s traditionally are made from grains (usually the gluten grains wheat, barley, and rye).

I did more digging and found that there are some Vodka’s out there that are GLUTEN FREE.

Here is a short list of Vodka’s I found:

Tito’s & Deep Eddy – Both are made from Corn. Now if you are like me, I’m also Corn intolerant, so I make these my last choice if there is nothing else available.

Ciroc – (my favorite) This is a premium Vodka that is made from grapes and comes in all kinds of great flavors.

Smirnoff - Smirnoff is distilled from corn, and the company's plain vodka should be safe, even if you're sensitive to gluten-grain-based alcohol. Smirnoff also is offering "Smirnoff Sourced" flavored vodka, which contains 10% fruit juice from concentrate and is labeled "gluten-free." Smirnoff Sourced flavors include Ruby Red Grapefruit, Pineapple, and Cranberry Apple. However, watch out for Smirnoff Ice beverages (the kind that comes in six-packs) — they are malt-based and not gluten-free

Chopin - Chopin makes three varieties of vodka: wheat, potato, and rye. Obviously, if you react to vodka distilled from gluten grains, you need to stick with the potato-based vodka, which comes in a bottle with a black cap and lettering.

Cold River - Cold River potato vodka is made in Maine and comes in two flavors: plain and blueberry (made with real Maine wild blueberries). Both are considered gluten-free.

DiVine - DiVine vodka is made from grapes by RoundBarn Winery in southwest Michigan. The winery/distillery does not process any gluten grains.

Zodiac - Made from potatoes in Idaho's Snake River aquifer, Zodiac is crafted in small batches and labeled "gluten-free." It's available in plain and black cherry flavors.

I know there are more out there, so do your homework.

Cheers !!!

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