Healthy Appetizers

Setting out Hors D'oeuvres for your family/friends get together? Having a Girls Night?

Let me give you some delicious, yet, healthy suggestions:

1) Great Low Calorie Dip (also high in protein). Use the Fage'

Non Fat Plain Greek Yogurt with Simply Organic French Onion or Ranch Dry Mix.

2) For those Gluten Intolerant and/or Corn Intolerant (like me on both!) these Bean Chips "Beanitos" are a great tortilla chip alternative! They come in different flavors and can be found in your Health Food Stores. Use them with Salsa, Dips, etc.

3) A Great Cheese Spread are your Herb Goat Cheese Spreads. You can find them at the Health Food Stores in "onion & chives" , "garlic & herb" . At Costco they have one with Cranberries. You can always make your own, there are great recipes all over the internet.

4) A delicious alternative to gluten induced crackers are "Nut Thins". They are GLUTEN FREE and come in awesome flavors. Also, the "Artisan Thins". All found at the Health Food Stores.

For more suggestions and help on nutritional alternatives just email me at:

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