Guilt Free Substitutes for your Wine & Cheese Parties

How many of us look forward to a great weekend night with friends and family gathering over wine and cheese and good conversation. But when trying to watch your calorie intake and lean down the body, that can be challenging or end up blowing all your efforts. Most of us should avoid dairy, dairy fat and gluten to keep the body lean and have a healthy digestive system. I have a great solution!!!!! As a substitute for your cheese selections, set out a Feta Cheese Spread and Goat Cheese. These are delicious substitutes and are not Dairy based. The best Feta Cheese Spread I have found is a Trader Joe's brand.

There are many different types of Goat Cheese flavors from plain to herbal. You can find them at most grocery or health food stores.

As for the Crackers - we need to try to stay away from anything that has gluten in the ingredients. Gluten, Wheat, White flour are very, very hard on the digestive system and tend to put weight on most bodies. Rice Crackers are an excellent substitute and don't have to taste like cardboard!! One of my absolute favorite rice/nut crackers is a brand called 'Nut Thins'. They make them in so many different flavors that there is something for everyone. Also, can be found in most health food stores.

These substitutes allow for us to still enjoy a night of Wine & Cheese without any guilt or weight gain!! Cheers !!

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