Why Gyms Don't Work

It's a ongoing phenomenon that gyms will be flooded with new people at the beginning of every New Year. We gym rats, roll our eyes and get frustrated when the gym is now more crowded and difficult to get on equipment. But then we sigh and reassure each other to just wait until late February and all we be back to normal. Yet, the gyms still get their money month after month for a year or two. And the odds of them returning to the gym are very slim.

The reason why this happens year after year, is because most people join gyms but then don't have a plan on the best way to make it work for them. When they join a gym they are given one free session with a personal trainer. The reason why gyms do this is because their insurance states that the new member must be shown how to use the equipment. The personal trainer gives them a routine and the new member uses this as their "go to" routine every time they go to the gym. They start seeing some results and changes in their body the first three weeks. BUT........after three weeks the body adapts to this routine, no more results are attained and thus, the gym "drop out". The only way a body can get more results is if the routine is changed in some way, either new exercises, more intense weight, change in reps, etc. The average person is unaware of this and either just continues with what they know or becomes intimidated in varying from their known routine and trying new exercises at the gym. The gym is a great asset in any goal to get healthy and in shape. But to really get quick and effective results one must dial in on their nutrition! 75% of weight loss comes from how we eat and what we put in our mouths. Plus, creating new eating habits will allow for one to keep the weight off for life. A combination of a great nutrition plan and a great workout routine will get anyone to their New Year's Goals.

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