Tips to Grow Healthy, Strong, Beautiful Hair

Tips to grow Healthy, Strong, Beautiful Hair..........

1) Increase your Protein intake per day (which I preach all the time about having protein in every meal of the day to keep your blood sugar stable)

2) Lean Grass Fed Hormone & Antibiotic Free Red Meat; not only do you get a great amount of protein but its loaded with Iron. But eat it in moderation.

3) Eat Fruits & Vegetables high in antioxidants, the darker the color the better.

4) Add in a Green Drink (Vitamineral Green, Organifi Greens, Garden of Life Greens all excellent) can find online or any health food store.

5) Take a Calcium with Magnesium supplement at night. Stress is a major cause of hair loss. This supplement helps to bring the central nervous system down.

6) Supplements like Biotin, B-Complex & Zinc can help in adding to healthier hair and nails.

7) Add a quality Lavendar Essential Oil into your hair conditioner (12-15 drops). Lavendar has been known to help those that suffer from Alopecia.

8) Vitamin D; found to be deficient in many people not only will help with hair growth but will also help to boost your metabolism.

9) Eggs are a great way to get in your protein, vitamin D, and biotin.

10) Omega 3; Once again a great powerful essential fatty acid, helps with hormone balance, weight loss and beautiful hair and nails. You can get it in Salmon, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Walnuts, etc.

11) Brazilian Nuts; loaded with Selenium which is also helpful in hormone balance and healthy thyroid.

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