Bridget's Weight Loss Story; while tackling menopause & hypothyroidism

Bridget struggled with getting the weight off for a long time and there were several factors contributing to it.

1) She's over 35 and the body wasn't getting the weight off as easy as it had in the past

2) She is going through Menopause, so her hormone's were out of balance

3) She has Hypothyroidism , so because her thyroid is struggling that also keeps the body from dropping the


Once she signed up for my Online 28 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan Program and we talked in detail about these issues, I was able to create a daily meal plan based on her body. I also had her add some specific supplements to help the body to heal and enhance in getting the weight off.

- Himalayan pink salt when seasoning foods. Adding more Himalayan pink salt to your diet can help rectify virtually any mineral deficiency you might have. Himalayan salt contains iodine, magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium – the five minerals in which the United States population are most deficient.

The extra Iodine would help in getting the thyroid stronger.

- Kelp ; a kelp supplement contains both iodine and kelp which are very vital in helping the thyroid to get stronger and heal.

- Milk Thistle ; great for the thyroid and in cleansing the liver

- Selenium ; great for the thyroid and the balancing of hormones.

- Greens ; A good Organic Greens will give your body vitamins, minerals, probiotics, detoxifiers, etc., all to help heal the body and balance your hormones.

In 28 DAYS she lost ............. 10 lbs & 13 inches !!!!!!

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