Why this works…..


      - If you are new to working out and wanting to get fit but need help in                  getting started


      -  Always "On the Go" struggling to find time for workouts, meal                             planning, coming up with easy recipes


      -  Helps you to schedule in time for your workouts and keeps you



      - Travel frequently, need workouts and meal plans  that you can do                      on the road


      -  Gives you Energy and Confidence back


      - If you are overwhelmed by a gym and confused on what to do in                          your workouts


      - Stuck in the same workout routine and need a jump start to get                         more effective results

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                    28 Day

           Fat Loss Training

         $249  $199

    -  First time Consultation via Skype or FaceTime. Find out your                 goals, lifestyle, access to workout equipment, current physical                 condition and current activity/physical programs.



    -   I will then create for you weekly programs which will include

         Cardio (machines or outside, duration, intensity, etc.) and

        Weight Resistant workout routines (specific exercises, body parts,

        reps, sets, weights/intensity).



    -  Staying in constant contact with you via weekly emails to allow for

        feedback and questions on your workouts.



Each workout will be different than the last to constantly shock your body for quicker more effective results. If you are unsure of an exercise I will send you a link to a private short video to help give you more detail. At the beginning of your third week we will Skype or FaceTime again to see how your workouts are going and what adjustments might need to be made.

28 Day Fat Loss Training

You will receive: 

Mindy's Story

Cynthia's Story

42 Day Fat Loss Accelerator

Workouts / Meal Plans

You will receive:

   -  Everything ABOVE for your workout programs!! 


     -  For Nutrition:

         make over of changes, ideas, modifications of your daily                                eating habits.


     -  Weekly Meal Plans based on your personal evaluation


     -  Suggestions in the foods you are eating, the time of day and the                  portions.


     -  Easy recipes that can help you in this makeover and make

         the changes easier.


     -  We will communicate each week to see how your eating changes                  are affecting your body and if  tweaks need to be made to get                        better results.


     - Guidance in Supplements to help the body in its new Clean and                   Healthy Transformation. Holistic Supplements that can help in                     your everyday Health.




#Results –              Changing your workout routine, getting exercises that best suit your goals and needs. Making these changes will jump start your body and produce effective results.


#Value -                  Getting coaching and advice from a top experienced trainer for a fraction of the cost. You are getting a top level professional giving you their secrets on getting in the best shape of your life. It ’s an incredible opportunity for someone who does not have access to these people to get those same incredibe results, all through online personal training.


#Convenience -    You can do your workouts on Your time schedule with any equipment or gym available to you. Workouts updated and reviewed each week, your online personal training can progress every week in a safe yet powerful manner!


               42 Day 

    Fat Loss Accelerator

 Workouts / Meal Plans

          $599   $479

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One Hour Remote Workout - 

You will receive:

A One Hour Live Workout with me Via FaceTime or Zoom right from your phone or laptop. I'm with you the entire hour setting up your workout, watching your form, coaching you, pushing you and motivating you.  I look at the equipment you have available to you and design your workout that will fit your goals and needs to get you that challenging, yet, effective workout. It's a great way to get the expertise from a fitness specialist that comes right to you. Call or Email me if you have any questions and want to schedule a workout.   760-586-5500 / stacy@stacysfitness.com

FaceTime or Zoom
One Hour - $65  $50 
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