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Body Transformation Specialist

Are you.................................

  • - Busy Mom "On the Go" with little time for a weight loss or workout program

  • - Career Person trying to juggle work, meal planning & exercise

  • - Over 35 Frustrated with Weight Gain

  • - Health Issues keeping you from really living

  • - Injuries that need Rehab




My Top Programs have helped 100's achieve their goals

personal training, meal plans, Vista California, nutrition, weight loss, busy moms, working women, easy recipes
Vista California, personal trainer, Stacy Michaels, nutrition, meal plans, weigh ins, weight loss, workouts , easy recipes

Only $499 

Included in this Package:

-  Two 1/2 hour personal training

    sessions per week


- Customized Meal Plans with bi-monthly      check ins and weigh ins 


- Meal Plans adjusted weekly to attain          personal goals.


- Easy Recipes


- Holistic Supplementation Advisement

Only $699

Included in this Package:

-  Two 1/2 hour personal training                         sessions per week


- Customized Meal Plans with weekly                 check ins and weigh ins 


- Meal Plans adjusted weekly to attain                personal goals.


- Easy Recipes


- Holistic Supplementation Advisement


- Grocery List

Stacy Michaels, nutrition, Vista Californa, busy moms, working women, weight loss, meal plans, weigh ins

Only $249  $199

You will receive:


    - A make over of changes, ideas, modifications of your daily             eating habits.


    - Weekly Meal Plans based on your personal evaluation.       

       Which will include food and portions for every meal of the 

       day, for every day of the week. 


    - Weekly Weight Ins


    - Easy recipes that can help you in this makeover and make

       the changes easier. Plus, great for those on-the-go. 


    -We will communicate each week to see how your eating                 changes are affecting your body and make tweaks to your

       meal plans to get better results.


    - Guidance in Supplements to help the body in its new Clean          and Healthy Transformation.


    - Holistic Supplements that can help in your everyday Health.


               One on One Private Personal Training Sessions                                                                   

- No Pre-Paid Contracts
- Pay As You Go
We accept Cash/Check/Venmo

Call or Email for a FREE no Obligation 

          Phone Weight Loss Consultation

760-586-5500  stacy@stacysfitness.com



Our experienced certified personal trainers have the knowledge and expertise to design a program for any individual goal.


Our services include but not limited to:


- Core Stability Enhancement
- Fat Loss Management
- Functional Movement
- Specific Strength Training Programs
- Sports Specific Programs
- Injury Rehab & Prevention
- Fitness Facility Design


Specific Strength Training Programs

Strength training is a key component in most any fitness program. It raises metabolism, increases bone density and contributes to joint stability, thus reducing risk of injury. It offers a firmer, more attractive body as well.

Increasing Lean Muscle Mass can increase your metabolism by as much as 15%, even while you sleep!

Whether your goal is body sculpting to create a whole new figure, muscle building, or simply toning up, a program will be designed to ensure you meet your goal. Our years of experienced personal trainers can help you create a strong, healthy, functional body you have always wanted. 

Fat Loss Management

We provide compassionate body fat reduction coaching and guidance to help you achieve your weight loss goal and/or maintain your desired weight once you have reached your goal. We counsel our clients with respect to positive lifestyle adaptation and provide common sense nutritional education as a means of achieving and maintaining a healthy body fat level for life. Our programs include a combination of cardiovascular exercise to burn calories, strength training for increased metabolism and guidance with respect to calorie monitoring and food choices.


Functional Movement

Functional movements are movements based on real-world situational biomechanics. They usually involve multi-planar, multi-joint movements which place demand on the body's core musculature and innervation. Performing exercises to enhance, improve and strengthen your body to be able to execute daily activities or sports activities. 

Sports Specific Programs

Achieve the highest in sports performance enhancement with our studio's approach to athlete preparation. Our highly qualified staff ensures success through state-of-the-art training equipment and programs. Our training programs also offer education in performance training. If you need to increase your endurance, speed, agility, power or body control when it comes to sports performance, our performance training is for you.The key athletic elements for your sport are implemented into a individualized program designed to fully maximize your power to excel in your sport. Whether you are a golfer, skier, snowboarder, volley ball player, basketball player, tennis, or any other sport enthusiast, your trainer will develop a program to help you reach your maximum potential. 


Core Stability Enhancement

Developing Core Stability is essential to optimize movement efficiency, prevent athletic injuries and maximize performance.

Core stability can be defined as the ability to contract the lower deep abdominal muscles to help support the trunk in dynamic and static positions, enhancing balance, stability, posture and movement efficiency. Core stability is vital to prevent injuries, correcting posture and ensuring more efficient and functional movement patterns. A dysfunctional core will lead to dysfunctional movements.

Core stability will provide back support and will enhance the execution of all athletic moves. Core stability must serve as a foundation to build core strength and power for enhancing performance. Core stability is often the missing link in abdominal training (Chek, 2001).

Injury Rehab & Prevention

We are happy to work with patients who have special limitations and take a partnering approach with physicians in bringing post-rehab patients back to their full potential, thus helping avoid re-injury. Patients with chronic illness are also welcome. We also pride ourselves in educating our clients in proper form and execution in all areas of fitness to insure prevention of future injuries. 



Fitness Facility Design

Creating a safe, efficient workout space is an essential factor when it comes to equipment selection and layout. With a plethora of products available, choosing the appropriate exercise devices can seem overwhelming. We combine our experience and expertise to help you create a state of the art facility or a functional yet practical home gym.

- Equipment is arranged according to area size and safety
- We design two workout plans to get you started
- Equipment selection is based on your individual goals, needs and limitations 

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