“The process of providing or obtaining food necessary for health & growth”


Every “BODY” is different which makes a nutritional profile as unique as a thumbprint. There is no magical “cookie cutter” meal plans that work for everyone. The Body you have today is made up by the HABITS you have become accustomed. In order to lose weight and maintain it for life, you MUST CHANGE YOUR HABITS!!  We need to take your daily habits and replace them with new healthy habits. Educate you on new ways of eating, grocery shopping, cooking, personal meal planning, etc.


When I customize an individuals nutritional plan I need to take in their age, genetics, ethnicity, physical activity, allergies, food limitations, special diets, life choices, personal habits, health conditions, goals, etc.


I will ask you to give me a week journal of your daily eating regime. To include, what you ate and drank, the portions, the times you ate it, etc.

28 Day 

 Weight Loss Meal Plans  Programs

         $249    $199     

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You will receive:


  - A make over of changes, ideas, modifications of your daily eating                           habits.


  - Weekly Meal Plans based on your personal evaluation. Which will 

     include the food and portions for every meal of the day, for 

     every day of the week. 


  - Suggestions in the foods you are eating, the time of day and the          portions.


  - Easy recipes that can help you in this makeover and make

      the changes easier. Plus, great for those on-the-go. 


  - We will communicate each week to see how your eating changes          are affecting your body and tweaks will be made to your meal

     plan to get better results.


  - Guidance in Supplements to help the body in its new Clean and          Healthy Transformation. Holistic Supplements that can help in            your everyday Health.

28 Day Weight Loss Meal Plans 

42 Day Fat Loss Accelerator 

You will receive:


     -  Everything ABOVE for your Meal Planning...Plus......


    -  First time Consultation via Skype or FaceTime. Find out your goals,         lifestyle, access to workout equipment, current physical condition

        and current activity/physical programs.


    -   I will then create for you weekly programs which will include

        Cardio (machines or outside, duration, intensity, etc.) and

        Weight Resistant workout routines (specific exercises, body parts,

        reps, sets, weights/intensity).


    -  Staying in constant contact with you via weekly emails to allow for

        feedback and questions on your workouts.


Each workout will be different than the last to constantly shock your body for quicker more effective results. If you are unsure of an exercise I will send you a link to a private short video to help give you more detail. At the beginning of your third week we will Skype or FaceTime again to see how your workouts are going and what adjustments might need to be made.


All to help you along in making permanent habits that will create a Better and Healthier Body for life.

                42 Day

      Fat Loss Accelerator

   Workouts / Meal Plans:               $599   $479    

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  One Hour Consultation:                        $65

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Workout and Daily Eating Review & Holistic/Natural Supplementation                                                       Guidance : 

I will take an hour with you, either in person, on the phone, Skype or FaceTime. In that hour, I will give you some holistic/natural ideas on helping you with your fitness goals or health issue by changing up your workouts, meal plans and supplements. 


I believe in using food, herbs, and all natural products to help heal the body. The body is meant to heal, when we have health issues it’s the bodies way of telling us its out of balance. By finding a holistic way to give it balance will help the healing process. I don’t believe in stimulants or chemically induced products. I prefer a person stays Organic as much as possible. I’m in favor a quality essential oils, plant based products, organic/vegan products, etc.


I will go over with you your current workout routine and give you suggestions and ideas on how to take your body to the next level. 

Making slight changes will shock the body and speed up your results. 

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