February 17, 2018

I became a Fitness Specialist many, many,  years ago and part of my career and lifestyle I began changing my eating habits to a more clean, healthy eating.

As my eating regiment became more clean and organic, I found my body became more sensitive to certain foods and dr...

January 12, 2018

Setting out Hors D'oeuvres for your family/friends get together? Having a Girls Night? 

Let me give you some delicious, yet, healthy suggestions:

1) Great Low Calorie Dip (also high in protein). Use the Fage'

Non Fat Plain Greek Yogurt with Simply Organic French Onio...

June 16, 2017

Collagen Production..........keeping the skin looking youthful.

This is always a concern of mine since my face and body is seen so much in pictures and videos. 

The big question .....how can I produce more collagen production and help keep my skin looking youthful? 

May 9, 2017

How many of us look forward to a great weekend night with friends and family gathering over wine and cheese and good conversation. But when trying to watch your calorie intake and lean down the body, that can be challenging or end up blowing all your efforts. Most of u...

March 19, 2017

I know many of my Busy Moms and Working Women out there love to use Peanut Butter as a "go to" for a quick snack or meal. But here is some important information you need to know about Peanut Butter and Peanuts.

I’ve been doing a lot of research and reading on the hazard...

March 10, 2017

It's a ongoing phenomenon that gyms will be flooded with new people at the beginning of every New Year. We gym rats, roll our eyes and get frustrated when the gym is now more crowded and difficult to get on equipment. But then we sigh and reassure each other to just wa...

March 10, 2017

Can often be caused by two things:

- Inflammation from either Food Allergies and/or Intolerance; all too often we can have a food allergy or an intolerance from certain foods and not be aware of it. However, inflammation is a key indicator. 
Eating foods to which you ar...

March 3, 2017

Tips to grow Healthy, Strong, Beautiful Hair..........

1)  Increase your Protein intake per day (which I preach all the time about having protein in every meal of the day to keep your blood sugar stable)

2) Lean Grass Fed Hormone & Antibiotic Free Red Meat; not only do...

February 24, 2017

Bridget struggled with getting the weight off for a long time and there were several factors contributing to it. 

1) She's over 35 and the body wasn't getting the weight off as easy as it had in the past

2) She is going through Menopause, so her hormone's were out of bal...

February 22, 2017

1.   Do 15 – 20 minutes of cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to rev up your metabolism for the day

2.   Doing weight resistance exercises that focuses on multiple muscle groups, gives you an effective workout in a short amount of time.

3.   Healthy Cr...

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March 10, 2017

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